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Promesa - Julian Palacios
Audiovisual Narrative / 2020 

Wander through the dreams and memories emerging from a dialogue between a grandfather and his grandchild.

While listening to someone trying to evoke its past experiences, you’ll be left dreaming of them, experiencing a stream of impressions where the memories and fantasies of both blend together in images that are at the same time personal and shared.

Promesa is an atmospheric first-person journey that will immerse you in places you’ll feel you’ve already visited.

Out now on Steam & Itch.


Promesa has been exhibited at the following festivals/exhibitions:


Directed and developed by Julián Palacios Gechtman.

Domiziano Maselli - Soundtrack and sound design
Andrea Cedraro - Additional 3D artist
Martín Palacios - Animation

Thanks for their help to:

Jasper Meiners - Additional graphics, clarinet recordings
Pablo Palacios - End theme and video footage
Stefano Sanitate - Additional programming
Manuel Cattaneo - Additional graphics
Translations - Pablo Palacios, Martín Palacios, Cecilia Gechtman, Arnar Mar Gunnarsson

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