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Domiziano Maselli is a visual and sound artist based in Milan.

He worked with Federica Furlani, Michele Palozzo, Nicola Console, Emilio Pozzolini, Tommaso Rolando, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Ben Frost He is a member of Eremo, an art group from Milan. They produce and create works in the field of multimedia and performing arts.


My last videoclip realized for Ben Frost

The design for the visuals for Ben Frost's track "Tritium Bath," created in the studio by Domiziano Maselli, is based on two main visual elements: the suggestion of the eclipse and the vibrant palette of violet hues that dominates the album's graphics.

The haunting vision of macro shots of boiling water, refractions and blurs follow hand in hand with the music in a frenetic dance of particles, thereby evoking a complete immersion, an expressionistic and totalizing sensory microcosm.

The dense and oppressive rhythms are answered in the contrast between rapidly alternating flashes of light and abysmal darkness, generating an atmosphere of constant tension, a storm enclosed in a shell.

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